My EdTech Philosophy

Teachers at all levels are being asked to do a lot with a little. Often it is assumed that technology can bridge that gap. It can make practice more efficient, help  reach more students, allow students to achieve more. What no one seems to know is exactly how to go about it.

There are many reasons for this – of course, there is no one “right way” to integrate technology into teaching. Teachers are diverse in their specializations, needs, and available time or support resources.

It’s also an unfortunate reality that many teachers feel that they are thrown into the proverbial deep end when it comes to using technology. They are expected to leverage many constantly changing digital tools without enough support or guidance and it can feel like a rat race.

What’s important to develop is a mindset, an approach, a heuristic, for evaluating and implementing technological change in classrooms and lives.

This blog will offer anything from news to tips to impressions relating to technology and education, with the following guiding principles always, always, always kept in mind (I hope!)

  • Technology is a means, not an end
  • Technology should allow us to be more present, not more distracted. To connect with who we couldn’t before, not exclude those around us. To do something we couldn’t do before, or to do what must be done more easily.
  • Technology is amazing and can be fun! Sometimes the “ends” of trying technology can just be to explore and play. If you’re the person who likes puzzling out the best ways to use tech in teaching, great! If not, that’s OK! Someone else on the web has likely had the same questions you do and offered their own perspective. I hope to offer you mine on this blog.
  • Technology can and will go wrong sometimes. These experiences can be frustrating but they are also a chance to learn and grow. Always have a Plan B!