My Moodle Development Environment

I’m taking an Intro to Moodle development course through MoodleBites, and found myself needing to set-up a decent developer environment.

I used to have a custom desktop Windows PC but my former office now = toddler playroom. I’m currently using a tiny, underpowered 12″ Macbook as my personal computer (I have a beefier laptop at work but this is a home project). Because the laptop is a little slow, I decided to set-up a Moodle environment on a Digital Ocean droplet in the cloud. It costs $5 USD per month.

I’m using Visual Studio Code as my editor, which has an extension that lets you connect to a server over SSH and write code remotely. So I don’t need to run AMP locally anymore.

For VC I am just using GitHub, as that seems like the easiest thing to do and the ‘Moodle way.’